How Much Homeowners Insurance Coverage Should I Get?

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Hello, I am Brent Johnson, President of the Peak Insurance Group where we Simplify Insurance for You. A wonderful plus to living in this part of the country is all the trees we have which make it such a beautiful place. However, the negative is we also have hurricanes, tornados and other bad windstorms. Those two things combined can lead to a lot of damage from trees and limbs falling during those storms.
Coverage is typically provided through your property policy if they fall on your house, garage, fence or other, by legal definition, REAL property. Now, if the tree just falls on your land and does not damage your real property then it would not be covered under your property insurance to have that tree removed.
Another common question is “During a windstorm my neighbors tree fell on my property and did damage. How is that covered? Well, coverage would actually be paid under your property policy. There was no negligence on your neighbors’ part because it was weather related and that is out of their control so they would have no liability. It would work the exact same way if it was your tree falling on their property. As with any potential claim, this doesn’t address every single situation that might occur, but this is how most tree damage claims are settled and should serve as a good guideline to how the claim would normally be handled.
As always, if you have any specific questions please contact us because we are here to Simplify Insurance for You!

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